The first thing you notice about a woman is her looks, sadly! Every woman needs to make a fashion statement every time. That is why I have a clear guideline on what to wear when stepping into the streets.

-Look active

Having that active look has become the formal wear these days. Pair up a nice pair of sporty shoes with some tights and sweatpants not forgetting a hat and walk the streets like you own them! This look is chic and sophisticated and avoiding looking like you heading to the gym is your main priority.

-Casual leather jackets

Leather jackets may not make you look all girly if it is the look our going for. This jacket goes with anything in your closet. Be it a long dress, or a small t-shirt with jeans, know how to rock the look! For that informal look, wear the jacket with many pieces together and your look will not fail as the look does not go out of style.

-Mixed prints

A polka dotted top and any neutral color or neon colored hot pants or pants go well together. Also, a floral sweater with a neutral top or a floral skirt with a neutral top goes hand in hand. With these look, accessory must be minimal so as to keep the attention on your look. The makeup should also be mild.

-High waist pants

Whether they are jeggings or jeans, high waist pants rock! Coupled with a nice crop top or tank top, you can never go wrong. For shoes, sneakers or heels are perfect for this look. Accessory can be as much as you prefer as this look is a top list trend now.

-Skater skirt

A white skater skirt coupled with a black chiffon top is the ultimate look. This outfit together with ankle sneakers makes you look like a million dollar girl. It is simple yet sophisticated and rocks. Ensure you have this in your closet.

-Hanky dress

This dress is a must to have! The flowy nature of a hanky dress goes hand in hand with simple flat shoes and a tassel necklace. Ensure you have a variety of these as neutral, neon or floral hanky dresses are gorgeous.

-Anorak Jacket

Whether it’s hooded, washed jean or cropped, an anorak jacket is the best jacket you can have. It goes well with a skirt, a dress, pants or shorts. Whatever you want to wear it with! Anorak jackets can be worn with flowy tops, crop or tank tops. Whether colorful or neutral, an anorak jacket is worth the money.

-Ribbed knit tee-shirt

A ribbed knit tee-shirt is a must have. The figure hugging tee goes well with anything in your closet. From your pants to your shorts and skirts. The shoes will be determined by you and your accessories but I find the look well matched with sneakers and a pair of boy shorts or just plain old pants. Have fun with this look.

Well, that is as much as I can say about what is trendy! Cheers!

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