How to look pretty as a new college girl

First of all, let us congratulate you on getting admission to college. Now, it is high time you check back your wardrobe and throw away school fashion. You must be confused who to wear and what not and what’s the new fashion that will make you a look like fashion chic in your college. Here are some of the tips we have gathered from some of the experts for the new college girl about how to look pretty at the same time fashionable.

Make a list of what you already have in your wardrobe. Throwing away clothes that you never even touched will be a wiser decision if you want to make place for new collections. Now make a list of what you want add in your wardrobe as new collection. Choose according to your personality, not all the designs or fashion will suit every personality. Think about how you want to look. It is better to wear something you are comfortable at than to hesitate with something you do not even like and just because it is the recent fashion craze. T-shirts mostly V-neck of different colors, leggings or jeans and some accessories like hat or scarfs both for casual and formal occasion— these are some of the must have things in your wardrobe.

Being pretty inside is one of the best ways to look beautiful. Make a regular health routine or you can call a beauty routine for you. Take care of yourself and your skin. Most of the young college teens often forget in all the excitements to take care of their skin and hence, faces skin problems that can ruin all your efforts. So, to look pretty, be healthy as well. Taking care of your hands and feet is highly recommended. Make time for trimming your nails every week in a timely manner. Wear bright colors that suit you.

Now, it is time for some touch up. You may have skipped this part and that’s okay until now. Look at you closely. Shape your eyebrow at least once by a professional and then you can manage them by tweezers. You can wear light makeup for college parties and learn some basic tricks of makeup. No need to go for something heavy if you cannot handle them and actually, there’s no need of that as a college girl. You will look prettier with something light. Try some eyeliner with your favorite lippy and look stunning. Wearing flat shoes will add complement to your informal look.

If accessories are something you often get confused with, then try something bright. Even lion printed scarfs with bright colors and a funky-looking hat will work as excellent accessories to complete your look. Try some light accessories that match your dresses or just wear wrong (if you are daring enough!). Accessories make you look define and bright. If you are thinking something for your college, then go with simple matching jewelry. Simpler look will make you look more gorgeous as a college girl.

Have a serious look at your grade and try to make a routine study—that’s what matters most. Being pretty is all about being mature as well. Now that you are in a college, you are big enough to take care of you and the responsibilities. In weekends, planting or gardening can be a great leisure to be pretty inside. That’s important too!

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