Five Style Tips for Wearing a Blazer

A ‘must-have’ fashion piece in a girl’s wardrobe is two or more different color and styles of the blazer. Whether they are made of leather, or a very casual denim blazer or the more official one for formal parties, You need them actually with everything. Even the gown can get a different dimension with a black short blazer. Here are some tips on wearing a blazer to complement your whole look and how you can wear a blazer with different outfits.

With Casual jeans and tops:

You always have this option to wear blazer with your more casual dresses like jeans and tops that are for regular uses. By wearing a blazer of light color (you just don’t need to match colors), the whole get an instant polished effect that makes you look ready for occasions and party. The best thing about this look is you look cool without any more effort.


With your favorite shorts: Blazer can look hot on you once you wear them with your especial denim shorts or leather shorts. For an instant attractive look, a casual top and shorts with a blazer wrapping around your neck is just great. You are ready for your hang out party, night out party, get together or your especial date with your loved one with this look.



Gowns are no exception: The latest or should I say, the re-invented trend of the fashion world is wearing a blazer with long gowns to have a beach look or instant cool look. You can wear some statement pieces with this look to make it elegant and beautiful. You get a bonus trick with this look if you are trying to hide your certain areas or trying to save them from sunburn. That’s kind of cool actually!


A Blazer with Midi skirts: Trying to get a chic formal look with your blouse and midi-length skirt? Just add a blazer with it. Whether it is a sleeveless blouse or tops or a full sleeve one, with a skirt and blazer, you look perfect for both formal and informal occasions.


Try an oversize one: A different, but the more sophisticated look is to wear an oversize blazer with your casual shorts. To complete this look, a pair of heels or boots can be a great option. This is an attractively different look to try on.

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