Beach Hats Are the Hottest Beach Accessories

Beach hats could be the most underrated, if not the most overlooked among all available beach accessories. As most people without thinking twice would put on a fancy necklace or shiny bracelet before putting on a beach hat. But what they didn´t know is that wherein jewelry can make you the prettiest at the beach, putting on a hat can actually help in protecting them against the suns harmful rays.

Along with sunscreen, The Skin Cancer Foundation have beach hats on their list of must-haves when it comes to the complete sun protection kit one should have in their beach bags. A hat will be especially helpful in maximum sun protection during the times of 12 noon to 3 o´clock in the afternoon when the sun is the strongest.

Thankfully, you don´t have to sacrifice your personal style when it comes to staying protected against the suns damaging UV rays. There are now a lot of beach hat styles to choose from that fits perfect for all the different and distinct personalities we all have.

Bucket Hat

Think Gilligan from Gilligan Island or the cute Paddington Bear. Bucket hats are popularly used for fishing because its lightweight and fits snug on the head without getting in the way of ones vision. It´s usually made from cotton or denim with two holes punched in it for ventilation. This is also a good hat to wear if you´re into fishing or sailing.

And to make it more fashionable get it in bright summer colors like yellow or red to set you apart from everyone else at shore.

Fedora Hat

Can anybody say film noir? If you want to be smoldering hot at the beach then channel the mysterious film noir vibe by sporting a fedora hat. The fedora hat has been around since the 1800s, but regained popularity in the 1950s with Hollywood stars like Gene Kelly and Humphrey Bogart wearing it.

Wide-brimmed Straw Hats

This beach hat should be on top of every glamourpuss´ list. The wide brim draping around the eye creates a certain air mystery. But not only does it offer the best coverage against the sun among all styles of beach hats. Whats also great about this style is that you don´t even have to be at the beach to rock it, just think J.Lo.