Eyeshadow Color Brands for the Choosing

Many people would be happy to have several choices in eyeshadow color from multiple brands. Expert Eyes Designer Selections Shadow provides eight powder eyeshadows in one compact, though you get just a small amount of each. Four of the shades are matte and four are shiny. These apply and feel just like Maybelline’s Expertwear Eye Shadow, which means they’re good but not great. If you decide to try this, the best set is Sunbaked Neutrals.

Diamond Shadow is positioned as a long-wearing iridescent eyeshadow, but the large particles of holographic glitter don’t cling well—you’ll notice them on cheeks and clothing shortly after application. Although these shadows have a dry, almost grainy texture, and they blend smoothly, which is positive, the shade range presents mostly unworkable options unless you want strong, contrasting colors to make more of a statement than your eyes do. This powder eyeshadow has a formula that’s identical to Marcelle’s single Wet & Dry Eyeshadows, and the same review applies: A soft, dry texture that could be silkier, but applies fairly well, with each shade providing an impressive color payoff. Every shade has some amount of shine, but most just leave a subtle shimmer. Every pairing except the green Bamboo is workable.

Many eyeshadow color schemes presents two shades in one compact. As a thoughtful touch, the lighter, more often-used shade is often offered in a larger size, while the medium shade is smaller. Both shades are usually shiny, but apply well, feel very silky, and are a pleasure to blend. Color impact is moderately sheer, so this isn’t the way to go if you want a dramatic eye design or have a dark skin tone. The best pairings are Pink Ink, Heather Plum, Chocolate Kiss, and Blue Smoke (which is more gray than blue).

Individual Eyes Custom Compact by N.Y.C. is a six-product eye palette contains a nude eyelid primer, white pearlescent brow bone highlighter, and four shades of powder eyeshadow whose finishes range from matte to frosts. For the price, this is a veritable steal because most of this kit performs very well. The shadows’ color payoff is impressive, and the shades—meant to coordinate with eye color, which is advice best ignored—work well together to create a variety of eye-makeup designs. The sleeper hit here is the eyelid primer, which comes in a generously sized pan. It really does enhance and enrich the shadows, as well as extend their staying power. The only miss is the garish highlighter, which is too iridescent to create a sophisticated highlighting effect.