The Latest Trends in Fashion and Ladies Clothes

Keeping up with women’s fashion trends can be a real challenge. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s on the clearance rack, it’s probably not as popular a look as some other styles. The latest trends for 2010′s warmer months include rompers and jumpsuits inspired by the 80s, partially sheer tops, very short shorts and, like last year, plenty of ruffled apparel.

The hemlines on some types of ladies clothing just keep getting shorter. Recently, wearing lingerie as an outer garment has gained much popularity. It should come to no surprise that this spring’s hottest outfits will have the modest refusing to wear such things in public.

The current fashion styles call for sheer clothing. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean showing off the goods. Sheer tops or skirts paired with a couple modest pieces create a very elegant look. For example, one can wear a sheer skirt with matching hot pots underneath.

Speaking of which, hot pants and short shorts made a comeback on the runway in 2007, but didn’t hit the streets until 2009. The garments made another appearance on the runway this year. Shorts are considered hot pants when they have a negative hem line, are mid or high-waisted, and reveal some part of your bottom. Heels are an absolute must when wearing hot pants.

If you consider short shorts and hot pants to be a little too wild, then stick with jeans. Patched, faded and ripped jeans are still great choices for clothing for women in a casual setting. When you feel a bit daring, jeans can always be dressed up with sexy tops and open-toed boots.

Last but not least, you can’t have a great outfit without the proper accessories. Knee high socks can define your outfit. Those with slender thighs can wear socks above the knee, but those with more to love should probably wear them under the knee. Try on both styles to see what looks best. Avoid the school girl look by not pairing knee high socks with plaid skirts; this is quickly going out of fashion, though it was never completely in.

As usual when shopping for designer ladies clothes, don’t forget a wide belt. Shirt dresses might be marked down, but a wide, colorful belt can be paired with almost any causal dress for a more put-together appearance. In addition to looking awesome, it can give the illusion of a slimmer figure when belted high on the waist.

Whatever you choose to flaunt in this spring, enjoy yourself and your clothing. Some fashion styles will slide into next year’s must-have list, but the vast majority will be thrown out in favor of women’s clothing that is sleeker and sexier than ever.