Versatile Velvet Pants Can Create a Variety of Looks

Velvet pants are probably one of the most comfortable items of clothing you will have in your closet, as they stretch to fit the contour of your posterior. And they have become fashionable again, so you will look extremely stylish wearing them.

Sophisticated Look

To achieve that sophisticated look, wear black pants with a dress or tunic, along with snug-fitting knee-high boots; you can easily slide the end of the pants into the boots. You can also try matching the pants with a white top, dark-colored boyfriend blazer and black booties, accessorized with a flashy necklace.

Casual Look

For a casual look, wear black velvet pants with a cardigan sweater or button-up top. If you want to appear leaner, wear a dark top along with dark ballet shoes. You can also match the pants with a skirt, dress or other item of clothing that will conceal areas you don’t want exposed.
Ladies Pants Empower Today’s Women
For modern day women, ladies pants have become a staple in their wardrobe. These bring comfort and style together, without sacrificing the feminine look.

Although pants have traditionally been made for men, the women of today can give justice to this piece of clothing and still look so womanly from all angles. This is because pants for the ladies are carefully made with comfortable materials in order for the wearer to carry them well.
Ladies pants also come in different styles and colors for variety. One may choose according to the occasion in which she intends to wear the pair. It may be a formal event or a casual walk in the park. What’s important is for her to choose one cut that is best for her body type.

Look Chic in Versatile White Pants

A pair of white pants is a versatile piece of apparel. It can go with anything, and for as long as it fits well, it can nicely complement a top or shirt for a gorgeous look.

What to Pair With Your Slim White Pants

Have white pants with a slim fit? Try pairing it with a braided empire top (with short or extended flutter sleeves) in your favorite color. Try blue, fuchsia, brown yellow, spring green, or other summer colors for a fresh and vibrant look. For a party look, a pink, lemony yellow or mandarin drape-neck mesh top will also look great with white slacks.

White Pants for Summer Wear

White or some other light colored jeans/stretch pants are great for summer. White sailor pants or capri/cropped pants or walking shorts in cool luxurious fabrics and great fit, paired with colored tank tops can look smashing.